Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board

About the Members

The CTB consists of 17 members, including the Secretary of Transportation, who are appointed by the Governor.

Image of W. Sheppard Miller III
W. Sheppard Miller III Secretary of Transportation
Image of E. Scott Kasprowicz
E. Scott Kasprowicz At-Large Urban
Image of Vacant
Vacant At-Large Rural
Image of Vacant
Vacant Northern Virginia District
Image of Raymond D. Smoot Jr.
Raymond D. Smoot Jr. Salem District
Image of Vacant
Vacant Staunton District
Image of Frederick T. Stant III
Frederick T. Stant III Hampton Roads District
Image of Vacant
Vacant Bristol District
Image of Burwell Wayne Coleman
Burwell Wayne Coleman At-Large Urban
Image of H. Randolph Laird
H. Randolph Laird At-Large Rural
Image of Thomas Moore Lawson
Thomas Moore Lawson At-Large Rural
Image of Darrell R. Byers
Darrell R. Byers Culpeper District
Image of Laura A. Sellers
Laura A. Sellers Fredericksburg District
Image of J. Rex Davis
J. Rex Davis Richmond District
Image of Linda Green
Linda Green Lynchburg District
Image of Stephen C. Brich, P.E.
Stephen C. Brich, P.E. Commissioner, Virginia Department of Transportation
Image of Zach Trogdon
Zach Trogdon Acting Director, Department of Rail and Public Transportation

Last updated: November 9, 2023

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